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Join us for another TCAE Knowledge Series Lunch and Learn session where we will have a Q&A session with our amazing guest speakers Caleb Carroll, and Damon Gergar, Training Specialists at Chainalysis.

In this session, we will explore the differences between CSAM and HT, discussing the varying degrees of egregiousness in CSAM and the definition of harm, both with and without abuse.

In this session, Caleb, Damon, and Jinisha our moderator, will discuss and examine the plight of victims, particularly in the Philippines, and share insights from past CSAM cases. We will also identify where the most egregious crimes are prevalent.

Key topics and frequently asked questions:

  • How can FIs navigate evolving regulations and effectively monitor for CSAM and HT?
  • What are the hurdles of global technology use in combating these crimes?
  • With MLAT response times being slow, how can we speed up cross-border cooperation to match the rapid pace of crypto transactions?
  • What are the challenges and strategies for investigating CSAM and HT in both traditional and decentralized financial systems?
  • Which jurisdictions should be modeled for effective regulations and enforcement?
  • How can we streamline the process of obtaining search warrants from social media and tech firms?

Join us for this essential conversation and gain insights into tackling CSAM and HT effectively.


Jinisha Bhatt (Consultant at The solutionist)

Jinisha Bhatt

Consultant at The solutionist

Caleb Carroll (Training Specialist at Chainalysis, Inc.)

Caleb Carroll

Training Specialist at Chainalysis, Inc.

Damon Gergar (Training Specialist at Chainalysis, Inc.)

Damon Gergar

Training Specialist at Chainalysis, Inc.

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